Sometimes people's minor gestures can suggest a design for a new age.
Our goal is to create designs that people can use comfortably,
enjoyable, and for a long time to come.

  Designer's profile

  Genta Kanayama

   Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School
   Working for I.D.K Design Laboratory Ltd.(Studio Toshiyuki Kita)

   2004 :Established genta Design co.,ltd.

   Award:EIMU Office Design Competition1997 / 2nd prize

        Good Design Award 2006/ Award winner

  Chie Kanayama

   Graduated from Osaka University of Arts.

   Working for advertising company.

   Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School

   2004 :Established genta Design co.,ltd.

   Award:TDW2002 CREATION BAUMANN Prize/ Award winner

       iF Product Design Award 2011/ Award winner